Australian-first partnership

La Trobe University and Ivanhoe Grammar have entered into an Australian-first partnership to establish a Year 9 campus to provide students with a university-school experience.

Arts & Humanities get global recognition

La Trobe's Arts & Humanities ranked in the top 1% globally

Triple confirmation for La Trobe

All major rankings agencies place University in top 400

Study reveals health benefits of quinoa

La Trobe University researchers have looked beyond the superfood hype

Statement on new Queensland Med School

La Trobe Vice-Chancellor John Dewar reacts to Griffith Uni news

Greek myth, film and American anxiety

Journeys to the underworld. Greek myth, film and American anxiety

The legal benefits of being married

What benefits do married couples have that de facto couples do not?

Can caffeine aid weightloss?

Bendigo researchers investigating role of caffeine in weightloss.

Weirdos & hoons are barriers to free

La Trobe research reveals fears that stop kids being independent

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